About Us

Welcome to the Lakewood Ranch Running Club


When We Meet

Our club’s running groups meet at a variety of times in a variety of locations in Lakewood Ranch, giving you the flexibility to pick the group and time that works best for you. Check out Run With Us for details.

How We Support Each Other

Running Leads

Each running group has a designated running lead, who welcomes new runners and assures that the group has a guide for weekly runs. Running leads are seasoned runners and long-time members of our club, giving you the security of knowing they’re someone you can count on.

RCAA Certified Runners

We have an RCAA certified trainer and several members that belong to RCAA who volunteer their time to help other clubs and organizations with races throughout our community. These members are great to ask advise about their experiences on the road and to learn from as you start putting feet to the street.

How We Support Our Community

If volunteering is important to you, you will be in good company. Our club volunteers its time at a variety of local community events including: running events, local school running programs and fitness fairs around town. We also sponsor theĀ Boo Run each year. This race raises money for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD).

Our Mission Statement

To promote the sport of running and healthy living among all ages and abilities, to organize events for this purpose, to provide guidance for those new to the sport, to provide a welcoming and a genuinely friendly environment to those who chose to join us and give back to the community.